Wire-to-board connectors offer a carrying capacity of 12A

4th November 2015
Jordan Mulcare

ERNI has expanded its compact MaxiBridge wire-to-board connector family with a dual row version. The 10 or 20-pin connectors offer a current carrying capacity of up to 12A per contact on a 2.54mm grid for heavy-duty and space-saving connections. Available in vertical and right angle version, the dual row MaxiBridge connector system is offered with 2x5 and 2x10 positions. The straight and angled male connectors are fitted with SMT terminations and proven strain relief features, while the female connector accommodates a 180° cable exit with corresponding contact chambers for crimp and poke terminations.

The female contacts on the MaxiBridge incorporate a dual beam construction with two points of contact for harsh, high-vibration environments that require high-current connectivity. The MaxiBridge connector system has a molded-in active latch with an audible click confirmation that ensures proper connection has been made between the plug and receptacle. In order to release, dual buttons on the sides of the connector must be depressed.

This dual latch configuration ensures ruggedness and reliability in high-vibration applications, without compromising valuable board space. Redundant retention features keep crimp contacts in place via a spring-loaded clip built into the contact. A secondary lock incorporated in the connector housing offers maximum contact retention.

"Not only does the MaxiBridge dual row wire-to-board connector system offer a market leading current density, it incorporates many design and safety features that make it one of the most reliable and rugged connectors in the industry, all in a space saving design," said Sam Hines, Product Coordinator, ERNI.

The RoHS-compliant MaxiBridge is guaranteed for up to 500 mating cycles and accommodates wire gauges from AWG 18 to AWG 26. The dual row MaxiBridge connector is offered in four colours, and each color has unique corresponding mechanical keying features that will only mate with male/female connectors of the same colour. Mating polarisation is also guaranteed. These added features further ensure error-free mating, ease of integration and maximum safety for end users.

The MaxiBridge dual row connector system combines small size with high-power density and high reliability for applications including automotive (tested to the LV214 automotive vibration specifications), consumer, industrial, lighting, medical, telecomms and transportation.

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