Whitepaper determines most advantageous RF connector plating

2nd October 2020
Alex Lynn

HUBER+SUHNER and Rosenberger worked closely together to create this whitepaper. These findings from research into RF connector plating to discover the most resilient plating for corrosion resistance have been released as a new industry guide by HUBER+SUHNER and Rosenberger.

Outdoor RF connectors require exceptional corrosion resistance in order to fulfil stringent mechanical and electrical requirements in extreme environmental conditions. With increasing performance demands on connectors, plating are key to withstanding stress and exposure in these harsh environments.

The whitepaper – entitled ‘720 hrs Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Plating for RF Connectors’ – investigates and evaluates the performance characteristics of plating types and an extensive reference guide for choosing the most resilient plating.

With many plating options available on the market for RF connectors, HUBER+SUHNER and Rosenberger produced this guide to provide a detailed comparison of advantages and disadvantages of optional plating to find out which provides optimum corrosion resistance. The whitepaper investigates the performance qualities of the most popular RF connector plating types including silver, white bronze, SURO720, tin-nickel and electroless nickel-phosphorus.

Under a 720-hour salt spray test, the performance of the plating was tested in contact resistance, wearability, ductility, solderability and for passive intermodulation properties. The tests provided varied results with some plating showing best results for contact resistance and others performing best in wear resistance.

The results from the whitepaper provide the industry with a comprehensive guide of recommendations for the best plating performances in various applications based on technical and economic requirements.

To access the whitepaper, click here.


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