Unique tool-free field assembly plug

26th November 2013
Staff Reporter

Yamaichi Electronics have enhanced their Y-ConRJ45 series with the new Y-ConProfixPlug. Designed to be easy to handlle and fulfil the stringent Category 6A according to the ISO/ IEC 11801 standard, the Y-ConProfixPlug is a RJ45 connector which is able to transmit 10G Base-T.

The Y-ConProfixPlug boasts a tool-free assembly, a feature which is unique on the market and enables easy field assembly. The Y-ConProfixPlug is also the smallest plug available on the market - even in rows or clusters the plug fits into every RJ45 multiport jack. Another unique feature is the power transmission of up to 3.1A over the special integrated power contacts while being fully compatible with the standard RJ45 connections. Yamaichi Electronics offers the plug with optional additional power contacts, allowing customers full flexibility to choose. Regarding the cable dimensions, the Y-ConProfixPlug supports different outer cable dimensions as well as different wire types. The connector is designed in such a way that it can be reused up to 5 times with different AWG and diverse types such as solid and stranded wires.


• Category 6A acc. ISO/ IEC 11801 standard

• Wire connection: IDC contacts

• Current rating: 3.1A @ 70°

• Durability: 1,500 mating cycles

• AWG 22-27 solid wire

• AWG 24-27 stranded wire

• Optional power contacts

• Reusable up to 5 times

• Tool-free assembly

• Supporting outer cable dimensions from 6.8mm up to 9.5mm

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