Top five cabling products in August

31st August 2021
Lanna Deamer

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top cabling products to have been released in August.

1) GCT’s new edge mount USB Type-C Plug provides design engineers with greater options for docking solutions and plug-in external dongle devices. The USB4155 is mid-mounted to make the best

use of the PCB thickness within the profile of the connector.

The slim 2.9mm profile offers features on the external metal case that provide excellent EMI / RFI protection and engage with case designs to optimise strength, eliminating external forces being transmitted to the PCB solder joint.

The plug has two rows of SMT contacts for soldering on one side of the PCB and 2 PCB shell stakes for shell grounding and retention on the PCB.

The horizontal USB4155 complements the vertical USB4151 plug and other connectors in the GCT range to give designers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for any USB C application in any orientation.

The unique nature of the right-angle plug requires careful consideration when designing for production. Ideas and solutions for jig designs are provided in the drawing. GCT offers 3D models and PCB footprints free to download, making digital evaluation and simulation just a few clicks away from successful integration into your creation.

2) DesignCon 2021 has been chosen as the setting for Junkosha to unveil its wide range of cabling solutions, including the MWX6 Series and MWX001, all designed to meet the demands of a 5G/6G digital future. The quest for ever faster data transfer speeds has driven the newest generation of data centre systems to deploy optical fibre between components.

The requirement for ultra-high-performance cables to test and monitor the integrity of digital signals has become equally critical. Junkosha is leveraging its pedigree in analogue microwave and mmWave transmission performance and adapting it to the digital world.

For example, working with our partner Richardson Electronics in their support of major test equipment manufacturers worldwide, Junkosha is developing solutions that remove existing bottlenecks and opens the way to a new age of speed.

Chris Marshall, Chief Technology Officer of Richardson Electronics, commented that: “With the insatiable appetite for data, a premium is put not only on systems that generate, encode and deliver error corrected signals but on the equipment that tests and verifies such systems. Our customers have developed state of the art testers which are aligned with the needs of 5G/6G and beyond. 

"Ultimately, the system is only as good as its weakest link and we have worked with these partners on end-to-end performance enhancement and assurance. Elements such as preservation of skew performance in a number of test environments are critical for such customer assurance. This was an area of unmet need within the cabling and interconnect market that demanded focus and innovation to solve.”

3) Availability of Amphenol ICC’s 0.80mm Floating Board-to-Board Connectors from distributor TTI. Amphenol's B406/B407/B410 Series includes 0.80mm Pitch Floating Board-to-Board Connectors which support stack heights of up to 23mm and are available in 30 to 120 positions.

Its connector design has a floating range of ±0.50mm in the X, Y and Z directions which makes it very resistant to vibration. Misalignments are tolerated during mating or vibrations in pick-and-place processes, improving overall contact reliability.

It also supports speed performance up to 2.5Gb/s to meet high transmission requirements. Typical applications include car navigation and dashboards, wearables, industrial PCs and camera monitoring application, to name but a few.

The series is in stock and available today at TTI.

4) According to Positronic, its Scorpion range is reputedly the most versatile modular power and signal connector available.

The company’s modular tooling produces a one-piece insulator offering more than 35 modules providing customers with nearly limitless pin configurations and any combination from just one module to many up to a maximum connector length of 101mm.

Blank modules are available for greater creepage and clearance for higher voltage needs, venting options can be provided for improved air cooling and there are unique locking systems for blind mating, float mount and cable connector options.

The complete range of standard and low-profile Scorpion modular connectors can all be configured for use as a power connector, a signal level connector, or a combination of both, offering designers an almost endless variety of power/signal contact configurations.

The Scorpion series may be used for board to board,panel to cable or cable to cable or board connectivity.

Two versions of the Scorpion series include Standard Profile (14.60mm height), Low Profile (8.20mm height) and there are versions which are compliant to the OCPOpen Rack specification used for data centre equipment.

Connecting options include crimp, straight and 90⁰ solder as well as straight press-fit (solderless) PCB termination.

5) Amphenol RF is pleased to offer a full line of high-performance BNC cable assemblies which utilise flexible, low loss times LMR-UF cables. 

These 50ohm assemblies are available in multiple configurations in an extensive range of standard lengths from 12 inches to 30 metres and are suitable for a number of applications including test and measurement and industrial connectivity.

BNC cable assemblies are engineered using high-quality connectors which feature the familiar bayonet coupling mechanism for easy mating and un-mating. These connectors are manufactured from machined brass and diecast zinc with nickel plating and offer reliable electrical performance up to 3GHz.

LMR low loss cable is designed with improved shielding compared to standard RF coaxial cables which allows it to achieve low attenuation loss at high frequencies.

These assemblies join a robust portfolio of pre-configured RF cable assemblies available as off-the-shelf solutions for a variety of applications across markets.

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