Terminal block PCB connectors in stock at Anglia

22nd February 2024
Mick Elliott

OMRON’s range of Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connectors, the XW4M (Plug) and XW4N (Socket) series, are ideal for applications that require fast, efficient and repeatable assembly with ease of inspection and with reliable performance and simple maintenance.


They are in stock at distributor Anglia Components.

The XW4M/N series feature a compact 3.5mm pitch and are offered in 2 to 40 ways.

A key feature of the XW4M and XW4N series is the very low insertion and extraction force, yet they still retain high quality contact reliability. The terminal blocks are available as a double-row or single-row, socket or plug, the plugs are available in vertical or right-angle mounting formats increasing the versatility of this connector system.

Furthermore, they have a very low board profile helping designers significantly reduce PCB space requirements in their end applications.

These terminal Blocks have been designed with simplicity of assembly, and greatly eliminate human error.

Their wiring efficiency is improved with a “hands-free” mechanism, which keeps a screwdriver inserted into the connector improving wire insertion and removal, during assembly and maintenance.

Added to this, clearly marked pin-numbering on the socket and a safe locking mechanism, further reduce risk of any wiring or connection errors.

The XW4M/N series connectors can be mated and unmated with single hand operation due to the novel positioning of the locking and release lever along the parallel edges of the socket connector, traditional connector systems have the locking and release mechanisms situated on the ends of the connector meaning two hands are required to release the connector once mated.

The connectors come as standard with pin number markings required for connector wiring, this eliminates the need for silk screen printing on other spaces such as the PCB, thus reducing redundant space around the connector on the PCB.

The wire release holes also double up as continuity test points even when the connector has been wired, simplifying and speeding up maintenance functions.

The XW4M and XW4N Terminal Block PCB Connectors are ideal for industrial machines and factory automation applications, such as robot controllers, AC servo drivers and CNC machines

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