Tekdata claims breakthrough in medical interconnections

19th October 2007
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Tekdata Interconnect is claiming a breakthrough in the design and manufacturing of medical interconnections by developing a new set of medical connectors designed around a two-pin block as the core of a flexible and modular interconnect system. Operators can quickly configure connectors up to 48 channels “on the ward”. The Stoke-on-Trent manufacturer is also using hygienically recyclable components, such as the moulded-bellows contact design of new connectors for conductive syringe needles used to perform invasive monitoring of internal bio-electrical signals.
Healthcare organisations throughout Europe are seeking greater flexibility, faster patient “see-rates” and reductions in operating costs. In pursuit of these goals, treatments are administered without requiring the patient to stay in hospital, basic procedures that do not demand the expertise of a consultant are performed by less skilled staff, and patients are often provided with equipment enabling them to self-monitor at home.

As a result, many types of medical equipment must become easier to use, as well as safer and more secure. At the same time, the standards relating to medical equipment are becoming more complex and stringent, through initiatives such as the EU’s Medical Device Directive (MDD) in addition to general product safety and type approval regulations. Some examples of new interconnect designs entering usage include cables and interconnects that are directly integrated with patient-connected sensors. These assemblies must be compatible with sterilisation or hospital auto-cleaning procedures, which require the use of suitable plastics with appropriate sealing techniques and overmouldings.

Another important requirement is that interconnects for sensors such as those used to monitor brain activity must be capable of conducting signals of extremely low amplitude. This has been achieved using very low loss microphone cable needed connecting to gold-plated, cast-silver electrodes for minimal losses to ensure accuracy and signal fidelity. This illustrates how Tekdata innovates to ensure high performance and reliability of interconnects in modern medical instruments.

Tekdata already provides cable harness design, rapid prototyping, manufacture and cabinet and box assembly services to some of the world’s largest avionics and defence companies. The company supports projects which range from space exploration and aviation to medical systems.

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