Standalone industrial controls and indicators with M12 connectors

4th February 2019
Lanna Cooper

Complex wiring and properly sealed, dedicated enclosures often drive up the cost of fitting industrial applications with pushbuttons, function switches, E-Stops, or signaling devices. The RAMO line of control components and signal lamps provides highly economical and easy-to-install alternatives. These standalone RAFI products need no extra housings or special gaskets, and they are plug-and-play ready, reducing costly wiring time and precluding mistakes. Even untrained personnel can install the devices.

Due to their single-piece, fully enclosed mono-housings and connection via M12 circular plug connectors, RAMO pushbuttons, emergency stops, selector switches, key switches, and LED signal lamps can be installed in standard 22.3 and 30.3mm mounting holes without any additional sealing.

The RAMO EDGE 90° mounting bracket enables quick mounting of standalone RAMO components. The bracket fits on 40mm profile rails. Depending on the type of RAMO component, the installation depth varies between 30.2mm (RAMO 22) and 36.4mm (RAMO 30). For applications with restricted space, devices are available with M12 connectors featuring angled cable exits.

Rotated by 135°, these cable exits allow for a high packing density. The RAMO series is designed to fit the look and dimensions of the RAFIX FS+ series, allowing users to mix and match control components from both series as they wish. The pushbuttons are available with fully illuminated bezels in many different colours and with a normally open contact.

The pushbuttons can be individually labeled using the FLEXLAB system. In addition to pushbuttons, function switches, and LED lamps in five colors, the RAMO range also includes USB 3.0 and RJ45 bushings that feature the same design.

The product video below presents application examples and installation variants for the RAMO series.

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