Speed and density brought to embedded computing interconnect systems

19th January 2018
Anna Flockett

TE Connectivity are presenting at the 2018 Embedded Tech Trends, on 23rd January at 10:30am, in Austin Texas. Mike Walmsley, Global Product Manager will be speaking there, and TE will be showcasing its latest interconnect products for rugged embedded computing systems, including products built to meet OpenVPX standards.

OpenVPX is rapidly evolving as a standard architecture for next generation critical embedded computing. As a result of this drive toward standardisation, there is an evolution toward smaller packaging, increased functionality and faster processing. In 2018, TE will release several breakthrough products that support this evolution.

These products will be on display at Embedded Tech Trends and include:

  • MULTIGIG RT 3 Connector – This high-speed backplane connector supports channels of 16Gb/s to support PCIe Gen 4 protocol and 25Gb/s for Ethernet 100GBASE-KR4. It is intermateable with legacy systems using MULTIGIG RT 2 or 2-R connectors. The MULTIGIG RT 3 connector features enhanced PCB wafer and contact designs and uses an optimised PCB footprint for higher data rates.
  • NanoRF Module – This module doubles the density of the current VITA 67 standards using SMPM interfaces. Designed specifically for rugged applications, it uses micro-miniature high frequency contacts that are pre-aligned before mating and a floating plate to assure no stubbing and to minimise wear.
  • High Density Optical Module – Based on VITA 66, this module provides double the fibre density compared to VITA 66.4. By bringing two MT ferrules into a half module, it supports 24 or 48 fibres in a VPX half module space.

These new products will be introduced by TE into the VITA industry in 2018 and will help enable significant gains in bandwidth and functionality for tomorrow’s embedded computing systems.

“TE is actively working alongside technology leaders within the embedded computing industry to develop interconnects that break barriers for tomorrow’s systems,” said Michael Walmsley, global product manager at TE Connectivity. “These three interconnect solutions will enable increases in processing capability within smaller systems packaging.”

TE partners with companies like Curtiss-Wright to integrate these advanced embedded computing connectors into today’s defence applications.

“Curtiss-Wright Defence Solutions is working closely with key partners like TE to enable the next generation of VPX using fabrics like PCIe Gen 4.0 and 100G-KR4 Ethernet,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager, defence solutions division at Curtiss-Wright. “The new MULTIGIG RT 3 connector delivers a significant leap in performance, enabling VPX to reliably transmit the ever-higher signalling speeds used by these protocols. Combining the RT 3 with our advanced high-speed module and system design rules will enable VPX system designers to deploy previously unreachable levels of performance in support of new applications and capabilities.”

TE offers a suite of products for OpenVPX architecture including MULTIGIG RT high speed backplane connectors (VITA 46), RF modules (VITA 67), optical modules (VITA 66), Mezalok connectors for XMC 2.0 mezzanine cards (VITA 61), and MULTIBEAM XLE for power supplies (VITA 62).

The showEmbedded Tech Trends will take place on 23rd January at the Hilton Garden Inn, Austin, Texas, and the TE Connectivity Presentation will take place at 10:30am.

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