Smallest bend radius for extended range of servo cables

24th March 2017
Joe Bush

Offering possibilities for energy supply to drives, motors and industrial machines, igus has introduced the new range of CF29 servo cables. The range has been designed for users with demanding requirements such as very low ambient temperatures, particularly small installation spaces or extremely heavy duty applications.

One of several new high end cable families designed for continuous motion in e-chains, the new CF29 chainflex servo cable series boasts a core structure optimised for motion. This, combined with a gusset-filling extruded TPE inner jacket, provides more stability, alongside the flexible TPE outer jacket.

The CF29 range is suitable for the smallest bend radius for servo cables, down to 6.8xd. It can be used in temperatures down to -35°C, so can be even used for moving applications in deep-freeze warehouses. This is made possible by the halogen-free TPE outer jacket material, which also offers oil resistance.

The cables have been successfully tested under real world mechanical loads and temperatures, in a climatic test chamber within the 2,750 square metre test laboratory at igus. This allows igus to guarantee a service life of 36 months for all cables, even those subject to the highest dynamics and most complex movements. The chainflex service life calculator helps customers make their selection, based on application requirements, calculating the expected service life of each cable in double strokes after the respective application parameters have been entered. This allows you to choose a cable that works reliably and cost effectively in your applications.

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