Simple termination for rapid deployment with fibre-optic cables

24th August 2018
Alex Lynn

Connector solutions supplier, Trolex, has created a new high integrity, explosion proof fibre-optic connector designed for heavy duty and critical applications. The Falcon Fibre Ex d connector utilises Cinch expanded beam technology to deliver a rapid and simple assembly procedure that can be carried out in the field with no specialist tools or equipment.

This therefore relocates the installation process from the workshop to the point-of-use. The high precision contact elements have low attenuation losses for single and multi-mode fibres which are easy to clean and are field repairable using standard tooling.

Accurate lens conformity is assured by a unique active spring-supported alignment device providing reliable and repeatable performance in the harshest environments.

Unlike threaded connectors, the rapid double bayonet engagement employed by the Falcon Series Ex d connectors, ensures that the Fibre inserts make a robust and secure connection and that the units can be connected and disconnected instantly and without damage to the inserts or the shells.

Designed internally by Trolex, the Falcon Fibre Ex d connector has been created with worker protection and safety in mind to reduce the risk of hazards and site fires and is completely explosion proof.

Mike O’Farrell, Fibre Manager for PEI Genesis stated: “Falcon Fibre will revolutionise how engineers operate in the field when using equipment with fibre-optic cables. Down-time is reduced, servicing and maintenance is de-skilled and performance in harsh and dirty environments is increased, all due to the expanded beam technology. The connector is incredibly quick and easy to terminate, with greater usability in comparison to other connectors in the market, and is field repairable, enabling flexibility wherever they are deployed.”

Glyn Jones, Group CEO of Trolex, added: “The Falcon Fibre Ex d connector is a game changer for industries which need an easy to use and high protection level product. The connector is fully ATEX and IECEX approved, meaning its safe for users to operate in flammable gas and dust atmospheres. The connector and shell itself was developed by Trolex, while the core was constructed by Cinch Connectivity Solutions.”

The Falcon Fibre Ex d connector is part of the Falcon Ex d series which has been created for use on offshore oil and gas platforms, mining, processing plants and a number of other heavy industrial usages in partnership with Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel Group company and supplier of high quality, high performance connectors, fixed length and semi rigid cable assemblies and custom solutions.

Jones concluded, “We collaborated with Cinch Connectivity Solutions and PEI Genesis because they are renowned in the industry for their innovations and we are confident that users will see real benefits from using this new connector.”

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