Short body USB A with no compromise on performance

12th August 2020
Alex Lynn

To meet increasing demand for compact designs, GCT has launched a short body USB A connector with a minimal PCB footprint of just 131mm².

USB A is a versatile option for a wide range of applications and the all new USB1125 connector from GCT is 25% smaller than full-size equivalents. Despite a shell depth of just 10mm there is no compromise on performance, it is rated to 5,000 mating cycles whilst the standard is typically 1500 cycles for typical USB A connectors.

“The tried and tested USB-A connector is just as popular today as when it was launched over 20 years ago,” commented Paul Hulatt, GCT Product Manager.  “Given how long USB-A has been in the market, we continue to innovate with distinctive features for this original USB form factor.  In addition to the USB1125 with a shorter body length, we also have ultra-high mating cycle variants such as the USB1086, providing engineers with greater flexibility when it comes to USB connectivity options.”

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