SFP+ module extends the life of switch hardware

12th May 2016
Joe Bush

A 10GBASE-T SFP+ transceiver which will give data centre and network managers the ability to extend the life of their cabling infrastructure, has been introduced by ProLabs. This is the first in the range of ProLabs’ copper products - 2.5/5G Copper SFP transceivers for the data centre and G.Fast copper transceivers for the telecom industry – these interface with a standard Ethernet switch, will also be launched later in the year.

The advantages of using 10G copper cabling include:

  • Extension of the life of any switch hardware, without having to change existing infrastructure
  • Simple, cost effective upgrades
  • Ease of use

The 10GBASE-T SFP+ transceiver pushes the limits of copper-based technology, providing 10 gigabits of data transfer over distances of 30m or less, and replaces the need for direct attach cables that have limitations up to ten metres.

With platform advancements bringing down the price and power consumption for 10GBASE-T switches, there are a lot of affordable switches entering the market from various manufacturers. This is why ProLabs has launched this compatible product.

10GBASE-T has the benefit over SFP+ solutions using the familiar RJ45 connector and provides backwards compatibility with legacy networks.

Giacomo Losio, Head of Technology at ProLabs said: “As 10GBASE-T network equipment becomes increasingly available, data centre decision makers will want to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility provided by deploying 10 Gb/s technology, over balanced twisted pair copper cabling, and leveraging their investment in installed copper infrastructure. While it is true that category 6 cabling can provide limited support of 10GBASE-T in some environments, the reality is that there are some very compelling reasons to specify category 6A or higher cabling in a new 10Gb/s-ready data centre.”

Nick Moglia, ProLabs CEO, added: “Following the opening of our newly integrated headquarters and test and measurement facility in January of this year, we are thrilled to announce this exciting new addition to our offering. ProLabs’ capability to provide compatible 10G copper SPF transceivers proves that we are truly leading the market, ahead of almost all OEMs, making remarkable headway in closing the window between original and compatible innovation.”

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