Servo motor connector range from ITT Cannon replaces conventional circular connectors

12th December 2007
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ITT Cannon has introduced its range of small ‘two-in-one’ servo motor connectors reducing the connector footprint on the servomotor by half and meeting the latest requirements for cost reduction, miniaturization and maximum performance. Designed as a replacement for two circular connectors, the innovative design of CmX range servo motor connectors only requires half the length, one third the height and half the weight to house the same components as conventional circular connectors.
Designed for servo motors in applications like factory automation, material handling, industrial motion control and robotics, just to name a few, CmX range servo motor connectors enable quick and easy installation in just four steps and include a new clamp technology minimizing the space required for cable strain relief, shielding and sealing components. CmX series devices are currently available in three sizes to fit the various flange size diameters and meet different power requirements of servo motors currently on the market and in development. Each CmX series connector size features varied dimensions for power cable entry and power connectors while the feedback cable entry and feedback connector dimensions remain similar across the range.

Part of the CmX servo motor connector range, Cm2 connectors are available in low and high voltage versions. Modified Cm3 devices are available in a standard version featuring one power connector and two signal contacts plus a new 2x power version for higher power ratings using one standard power connector to feed the motor (three power contacts plus one ground contact) plus an additional power connector (featuring four power contacts) for the two-way brake and two-way thermal sensor.

Two further signal connectors (two times six contacts) are used for the encoder or resolver. Cm5 components benefit from 4 power + 4 or 6 signal + 18 signal contacts and feature a maximum current of 40A at 80 degrees Celsius. Cm4 connectors are soon to close the gap between Cm3 and Cm5 devices.

All CmX series connectors are completely sealed (IP67) and shielded for high reliability and provide a high degree of vibration and shock resistance. The housings contain power and feedback insulators and a first-make/last-break power ground contact electrically linked to the shell. A zinc die cast shell, fluor rubber sealing parts, high temperature insulator material and high quality contacts ensure a rugged, reliable design. CmX series connectors all meet DIN EN61984 safety compliance requirements.

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