Secure locking for M8/M12 connectors

13th April 2015
Nat Bowers

Expanding its range of accessories for male and female M8/M12 connectors, ERNI Electronics has introduced locking nuts and screws. Once the connectors are soldered, the locking nuts and screws are positioned on top of the connectors and pressed into the circuit board. With the help of the pressfit technology, a direct gas-proof connection can be established between the cable shield and the circuit board.

Given that the connector and the locking device are mounted on the circuit board, they have the same dimensional reference, which compensates additional tolerances between the parts and improves concentricity. This is an essential feature for smoothly screwing the cable connector.

The circuit board is assembled from the rear of the device housing. Only holes are required for this purpose. A locking nut is used for fixation from the front of the housing. Another major advantage is the fact that no additional circuit board mounting is necessary, depending on size and assembly of the circuit board and with the adequate arrangement of several connectors.

The locking parts are made of stainless steel and are suitable also for use in the process and food industry, for example. Adequate sealing O-rings are available to be installed between connector, locking and housing to provide IP protection.

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