RoProxCon – contactless data and power transmission

15th May 2024
Paige West

The correct interface plays a crucial role in the safe and efficient connection of devices, machines, and systems.

Contactless connectivity offers the ability to transmit power and data over short distances without relying on physical connections. In environments where traditional connectivity is compromised by vibration and dust, the contactless solution proves to be extremely reliable.

The advantages of contactless connectivity are many: it not only ensures reliable transmission but also makes maintenance considerably easier and enables an almost unlimited number of mating cycles. By using RoProxCon, both data and power can be transferred efficiently, such as in turntable mechanisms and robot arms. The connectors are able to withstand high shock loads and transmit 30W of electrical power via inductive coupling. Additionally, they support data transfer rates of up to 3.125Gbps at a carrier frequency of 60GHz via an air interface, enabling reliable transmission through a wide variety of materials.

In situations where traditional connections have reached their limits, contactless connectivity offers a highly reliable, maintenance-free solution with flexible application options.

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