RF-coaxial connector from Quadrant

2nd July 2008
ES Admin

Now available in the UK from Quadrant is SnapN, a new family of RF-coaxial connectors in the IMS Connector Systems range of snap-on connectors.

IMS Connector Systems GmbH specialises in the development and production of high frequency connectors and this new range will be ideal for use in filters and as cable connections for mobile communications base stations, wireless local area network (WLAN) and measurement equipment.

These new SnapN connectors are quick locking push-pull N type connectors that are backward compatible with all standard N type connectors, which means that SnapN jacks can be mated with N type plugs. SnapN connectors are ten times faster to install than standard, threaded N connectors, have a very low engagement force of 30 N and the highly reliable and secure, quick-lock mechanism prevents unintentional disengagement due to shock, vibration or cable tension. They are simple to install even in the tightest places because no mounting tool is required.

SnapN connectors are suitable for standard flexible and semi-rigid cables for all applications up to 11 GHz and are available in panel mount versions. They have a guaranteed minimum of 200 mating cycles and the small outer diameter of 16mm results in a higher packing density. Locked SnapN cable angle plugs are 360º rotatable and allow flexible re-positioning of the cable.

The SnapN connectors have an impedance of 50Ω, a frequency range of up to 11GHz and a return loss of 32dB at <3GHz, 25dB at 3 to 6GHz and 20dB at 6 to 11GHz.

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