Providing Ethernet straight to the circuit board

24th July 2017
Joe Bush

To allow fast Ethernet and PoE (Power over Ethernet) communications to be interfaced directly to a circuit board via an individual miniaturised connector, a new M8 D-coded PCB adaptor has been introduced by HARTING.

The new interface is designed to address the challenge provided by the fact that field components such as sensors, actuators, cameras and switches are getting smaller as they follow the trend for miniaturisation in industry. At the same time, smaller and smaller field components need to be able to communicate via the Ethernet.

Traditionally, the vital lifelines of power and data have been supplied via two separate connections, but the advent of miniaturisation and smaller housings, in particular, has rendered this arrangement a luxury. Today, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the number one prerequisite for supplying both lifelines via a single interface.

With the M8 D-coded interface, HARTING now offers a connector that carries power and 100Mbit/s Ethernet straight down to the circuit board in the smallest field applications. In line with HARTING’s larger circular connectors, the new device is IP67 protected, and can also carry the necessary power to small field components via PoE. The fact that it meets the requirements of the PAS IEC 61076-2-114 standard means it can be combined with the connectors and sockets of various manufacturers.

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