Pluggable terminal blocks with push-in design

7th August 2017
Joe Bush

A series of pluggable terminal blocks have been released by Dinkle International that feature a push-in-design for connecting wires to terminal blocks. A pluggable terminal block is composed of a plug and a mating socket. The socket is usually attached to a printed circuit board through pins. The plug fits into the socket, and the wires connect to the socket via Dinkle’s patented push-in design.


Screw terminals take time to tighten properly, and there is always the danger of under torqueing and loose connections, or over torqueing and stripped screw threads. By contrast, wires connected using Dinkle’s push-in-design technology offer a secure connection, with around 75% less time required per wire installation.

Pluggable terminal blocks are available in a variety of sizes and ratings. Pitch varies from 2.54-6.35mm, with wire ranges from 30-16 to 24-12AWG. Current ratings are 5-8A at 150VAC, 8-16A at 300VAC, and 20A at 600VAC. Connection methods are V-type spring (not patented), or patented S-Cage single, double and rail type. Value added customisation services include label printing, and supplying blocks in assorted colour combinations.

An LED at each connection point is on when current is flowing through the wire, with LED light pipes integral to the terminal block assemblies used to ensure each LED is clearly visible. This indication provides quick visual confirmation of active connections and is useful for troubleshooting.

Mini-type pluggable terminal blocks include the 0225, 0226 and 0227 series. The 0225 series has an ultra-thin housing with a 7mm height, able to accommodate a broad cross section of 1.5mm² wire. Various selections of mounting methods contribute to a vibration-proof, secure connection. These terminal blocks are well suited to installation within PLCs, I/O modules, signal panels, etc.

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