PIM adapters conquer space, weight issues

7th July 2016
Mick Elliott

The 4.3/10 series adapters from Amphenol RF are now in stock at Mouser Electronics. This low-passive intermodulation (PIM),highly stable connector family is offered in both between series and in-series configurations, and is ideally suited for space-restricted, high-density and weight-sensitive applications targeting the wireless communications industry.

The 4.3/10 adapter interface is 40 percent smaller and 60 percent lighter than the 7/16 DIN, which allows designers to expand the total number of connections within a smaller space, increasing panel capacity and reducing overall panel load.

The adapters feature an excellent return loss from DC to 6GHz and are sealed to meet IP67 specifications when mated. With a PIM rating of ‑166dBc and an improved contact design, these highly stable connectors nearly eliminate PIM concerns and significantly reduce mating torque requirements over traditional 7/16 DIN products.

The adapter bodies are machined from brass and plated with a nickel-free white bronze alloy to prevent unwanted intermodulation distortion.

The adapters’ center contacts are machined from brass, while socket contacts are machined from beryllium copper — both finished with silver plating.

The compact and lightweight 4.3/10 adapters are shipping in a variety of coupling configurations and offer solutions for current and future applications that require increased bandwidth to meet the ever-growing needs of the wireless communications industry.

Target applications include telecommunications, distributed antenna system (DAS) networks, small cell systems, mobile devices, and high-density wireless RF designs.

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