PEI-Genesis launches infographic on space worthy connectors

24th May 2024
Harry Fowle

PEI-Genesis has released its latest educational resource, an infographic titled Key considerations for designing space-worthy electrical connectors.

This infographic aims to shed light on the intricate design considerations and challenges involved in developing connectors for space missions.

Space exploration poses unique challenges for electronic equipment, from enduring extreme temperatures ranging from scorching heat to bitter cold, to withstanding the vacuum pressure of the space environment. Additionally, the requirement for maintenance-free operation adds another layer of complexity, as any malfunction or failure could jeopardise the success of critical space missions. The new infographic offers a comprehensive overview of the critical factors that must be considered in the development of connectors for space applications.

The visual resource explores the challenge of outgassing mitigation, emphasising the need to prevent materials like elastomers and plastics from releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that could contaminate sensitive equipment. It also highlights the importance of minimising residual magnetism in connectors to ensure optimal performance and reliability in space environments.

Additionally, the infographic addresses the critical aspects of EMI-RFI shielding and environmental sealing, essential for protecting connectors from electromagnetic interference and maintaining system integrity. Through these key considerations, the infographic provides valuable insights into the complexities of space connector design.

“At PEI-Genesis, we carry a wide range of space-ready and space-grade connectors built to withstand the unique requirements of space exploration,” explained Alex Raymond, product manager at PEI-Genesis.

“The launch of this infographic underscores PEI-Genesis' dedication to fostering innovation and achieving excellence in the realm of interconnect solutions. Through the provision of invaluable resources, our company endeavours to equip engineers, designers, and enthusiasts with the essential knowledge required to adeptly navigate the complexities of space exploration,” continued Raymond.

The infographic further discusses suitable connectors for space exploration, such as MIL-DTL-38999, D-Sub, Micro-Miniature and push-pull connectors from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Cinch and Eaton.

PEI-Genesis, a value-add connector distributor, has strong relationships with space-rated connector manufacturers. Serving as a trusted advisor, the company tailors custom solutions for unique missions, leveraging its vast inventory for swift access.

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