PCB terminal blocks cut installation costs

26th May 2017
Mick Elliott

Delivering a reduction in purchase and installation cost, the series of 3.5mm-pitch SDDC PCB terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact is ideal for designing in wire-to-board connectivity for a wide range of general electronics design applications including automotive, industrial and consumer electronics, white goods, control cabinets, power tools and medical equipment.

The SKEDD design-based device is available at RS Components.

PCB terminal blocks enable the easy and secure transmission of signals, data, and power directly to a board.

Meeting the need for smaller and simpler devices with ever-increasing functionality, Phoenix Contact’s direct-plug-in SKEDD technology enables direct contact between connector and PCB without the need for a plug and header combination, thereby saving cost.

No soldering is required, as the terminal block features latches positioned on each side of the device, which operate locking pins to ensure secure and vibration resistant connection to the PCB.

The SKEDD design also enables the contacts to have sufficient force to create a gas-tight connection on the PCB. Saving time and avoiding the need for extra tooling, the series offers screwless push-in spring terminations for wire connections.

In addition, the series is environmentally friendly as the devices can be easily removed from PCBs and recycled.

Designed to save space, with availability in a range of models from 2-16 positions offering 4-32 poles,the devices have a double-row configuration that makes them ideal for high-density PCB applications.

The SDDC 3.5 series is suitable for conductor cross-sections from 0.2 to 1.5mm2, and is designed to handle currents up to 8A and voltages up to 160V.

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