P-clamp simplifies cable management installation

6th March 2020
Alex Lynn

A brand-new P-shaped clamp with separate locking features produced by TE Connectivity is now available from TTI. The clamp is developed to simplify the installation of cable management systems and the subsequent fitting of cable harnesses. The approach should reduce overall manufacturing costs by making it quicker and easier to install cable management systems, especially in confined spaces.

The TE P-Clamp is designed for use in the defence, aerospace, space, and industrial sectors. TE has introduced ten sizes of the P-Clamp to cover the full range of 21 cable diameters defined in the AS21919 standard.

Standard P-clamps are made using a continuous piece of metal or plastic that has been partially formed into a P shape, with holes in each end forming tabs which can be aligned and then screwed to a bulkhead. When a cable harness is mounted, therefore, the clamp has to be slipped around the cables and then screwed to the bulkhead in one operation. This can be difficult, especially if a technician is installing a heavy cable harness in a confined or difficult-to-access space.

The TE P-Clamp is made of two parts, moulded in a highly engineered PEEK material that matches the strength of metal without the weight, and hinged together. This means that the clamp can be mounted to equipment earlier in the assembly process than is possible using traditional parts, before any secondary structures restrict access. 

A cable harness can then be run into place on the P-Clamp mounts and secured by swinging the locking mechanism into place. The ergonomic design of the locking mechanism means that no tools are needed to lock the two parts together, or to unlock the clamp to adjust the position of a cable harness.

This toolless assembly process will simplify and speed up the process of installing cable management systems in complex equipment. The fact that a cable harness can be secured without tools will also reduce the risk of introducing foreign object debris into installation, improving the long-term reliability of the assembly.

The separate mounting and clamping features of the TE P-Clamps will enable engineers and operators to rethink the way in which cable harnesses and fluid pipework are assembled. The ease of use should also speed up individual installation times, as well as reducing operator fatigue for large assembly installations. This should, in turn, mean that the applied cost of the TE P-Clamp is less than that for a standard P-clamp.

TE Connectivity has designed the P-Clamp for use in applications such as commercial aviation, military aerospace, industrial, military and marine vehicles, as well as the rail and automotive sectors.

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