Optical connector system features built-in E/O-OE devices

9th March 2018
Lanna Cooper

Hirose has developed a unidirectional active optical connector system with built-in E/O on the Tx (transmit) end and an O/E on the Rx (receiver) end. The BF4M optical connector system converts a balanced high speed differential electrical signal on a PCB at one end into a MM optical signal for transmission down a very thin flexible FO cable, and then converts it back into an electrical signal on the other end.

The BF4M Series is designed as a separate plug and receptacle that solders to the PCB to eliminate the thermal issues associated with soldering the E/O and O/E devices directly to the PCB.

Designed with an ultra low profile and space-saving receptacle, the BF4M Series optical interconnects support high speed isolated signal transmission from 0.05Gbps up to 6.25Gbps and long distance transmission up to 100m.

The user-friendly optical connector features an internal wiring system that offers all the benefits of fibre optic signaling including high signal quality, low power consumption (less than 120nW), and EMI noise prevention.

The BF4M uses high flex fibre optic cable capable of withstanding significant bending cycles tested at a 2mm bending radius.

While designed for factory automation and medical industries, the lightweight optical connector system is a suitable solution for any application that requires long reach, high speed and limited wiring space.

"The BF4M Series offers significant space-savings when compared to conventional systems using a SFP module and LC connector. In addition, conventional optical modules still leave challenges for internal connections. The user-friendly BF4M Series optical transmission system has a unique, simplified design optimised for internal connection that ensures high speed, low power, and low noise operation," said Bill Kysiak, Product Marketing Manager for Hirose Electric USA.

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