Nicomatic’s Flat Flexible Cables for Space for micro-miniature connectivity

8th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

Nicomatic, the specialist manufacturer of high-performance interconnect systems, is exhibiting at Space-Comm, a UK exhibition focused on the commercial future of space for business, defence, and aerospace.

Harsh-environment electronic space systems require highly-specialised interconnect components to enable peak technical performance and secure data transmission in the extreme conditions of space: launching at the show, Nicomatic’s Flat Flexible Cables for Space enable light, flexible interconnects and ensure robust signal and power connection in all types of space applications, including satellites, exploration rovers, solar arrays, research orbiters, HD cameras and controllers, radar and satcomm systems, communication units, optical sensors and simulators.  

Manufactured from NASA-grade materials, Nicomatic FFCs for Space create strong board-to-board connections on PCBs and display boards in electronic equipment, systems, and sub-assemblies, linking data and power points in tight areas.

Dense and lightweight and designed to be folded or coiled, FFCs not only deliver significant weight and space savings, but also overcome space-industry challenges by integrating cables into complete interconnect solutions.

They can stack to reduce footprint, create low-profile connections and optimise overall design volume. Overall project costs are also reduced, as FFCs for Space enable faster electrical system assembly and disassembly and prevent mis-wiring.     

Flat Flexible Cables for Space achieve millions of cycles in high-flexing environments and can also meet higher retention values, function through thermal cycling, provide EMI/RFI protection and meet NASA outgassing specifications for vacuum conditions.

Mateable with ZIF/LIF connectors, standard FFCs range in pitch from 0.50mm to 2.54, with custom pitches also available.  

Nicomatic can provide fully custom FFCs for Space and has experienced engineers available to discuss customer projects and customisation requirements.

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