Nicomatic reveal mate-before-lock mechanism for DMM connectors

11th December 2023
Kristian McCann

Nicomatic has launched the D53C, a new captive screw feature for its MIL-SPEC DMM rugged 2mm pitch metal connectors. This 'mate-before-lock' fixing hardware enhances the speed, simplicity, and security of connector mating, safeguarding against contact damage and ensuring the screw remains attached.

The DMM connectors from Nicomatic meet the MIL-DTL-83513G performance criteria and offer greater modularity than other MIL-SPEC connectors like Micro-D or Sub-D. Engineers have the flexibility to select various options including pin count (row and contact number), pin contact types (signal, power, coax/RF), and mounting styles (board to board, board to wire, wire to wire, or panel mount). These connectors also offer space efficiency and provide electromagnetic and mechanical protection.

The D53C captive screw option has been developed for all DMM connectors. Its 'mate-before-lock' design allows for secure placement and mating of the connector before tightening the screw. As a captive component, the hardware remains attached to the connector, preventing loss and potential equipment damage. Using the D53C involves a simple three-step process:

  1. Mate the connectors
  2. Push until it stops
  3. Tighten with a Hex 2 tool

Phil McDavitt, UK Managing Director at Nicomatic, explained, “This new fixing hardware, created following customer feedback, is perfect for field applications like changing battery packs or payloads on UAVs. It offers a quick, secure mating process that minimises contact damage. The screw's captive design also eliminates the risk of losing it. Additionally, for engineers on the test bench, it offers the convenience of easy and repeated connections without the need for frequent screw tightening.”

The D53C is also designed to withstand challenging conditions, including salt spray, oil-based and synthetic lubricants, and coolants. It operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C. Its robustness extends to handling shock severity of up to 100g for 6 ms sawtooth (with no signal interruption longer than 1 μs) and vibration severity of up to 10 to 2000 Hz/15g/3 axis/12 cycles per axis (also with no signal interruption longer than 1 μs).

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