New Molex Universal EMI Adapter Offers Multiple Optical-Connector Interfaces

4th August 2007
ES Admin

The new universal Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) adapter from Molex gives users the ability to change one half of the optical interface to suit specific applications, while maintaining all functionality and performance benefits of a standard optical adapter.

Developed to address mechanical designers’ requirements for multiple interface styles and system EMI shielding, the adapter allows for a common panel mounting hole and internal SC connector to be mated with an SC, ST or FC connector on the opposite side. This provides a fast and easy interface conversion for a multitude of applications. The universal EMI adapter is ideal for routers, servers and other telecommunications equipment, as well as storage servers, labs and test equipment.

It is designed with an easy-to-remove alignment sleeve that offers quick access to clean the internally mated connector without disconnecting it from the adapter and without entering the enclosure, providing a safe and fast method to ensure proper optical performance.

The universal EMI adapter is available pre-configured or as individual components. This provides a full range of design options (including full panel population) or allows the installer or end customer to configure the system with the desired interface after delivery. Additionally, using a common SC panel mount interface minimises the number of panel designs required to satisfy each applications’ connection requirements.

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