Molex Introduces HD&S Interposer with Neoconix’s PCBeam Interconnect Technology

26th February 2009
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Molex and Neoconix have developed a flexible copper high-density and speed (HD&S) interposer in a tool-less, easy-to-use configuration. Available now, Molex’s FlexBeam Tool-Less Copper Flex Interposer is a low-profile, flex-to-board interface that provides densities of 1.00mm (.039”) or less in a variety of pin-matrix configurations. The combination of Molex’s high speed copper flex assembly integrated with Neoconix’s HD&S PCBeam interposer provides a high-density and high-speed interface for flex-to-PCBA applications.

Molex’s FlexBeam Tool-Less Copper Flex Interposer is ideal for use in the server, mass storage, medical imaging, automatic test equipment (ATE), military command and control centre markets. It features durable, all-metal spring beams permanently embedded onto an FR-4 substrate, adding a third dimension (z-axis) to traditional two-dimensional PCB processing, in a high-density configuration.

Its photolithography and etch-based manufacturing process allows excellent dimensional control compared to traditional stamping and moulding, and the process is scalable to very fine feature sizes for space constrained applications. Typical configurations provide 0.152mm (.006”) of true mechanical compliance per side at 1.00mm (.039”) pitch to ensure high reliability. An innovative dual-beam option is also available to provide contact redundancy in high-reliability applications.

The integrated copper flex assembly with PCBeam interposer allows differential signal speeds of greater than 10 Gbps and single-ended speeds of 4 GHz and higher, with cross talk of less than three percent in a pin-matrix configuration. Moreover, the copper flex assembly will provide the contact configuration to allow for board-to-flex pin counts of 500 input/outputs or greater.

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