Molex's 4.00mm pitch positive-locking terminal block system

22nd April 2009
ES Admin

Molex has introduced a 4.00mm (.157) pitch positive-locking terminal block system, which provides a mated mounting height that is 25% shorter than a standard 5.00mm (.197) pitch vertical plug/header mated pair. Modelled on the Molex Eurostyle Series 39980, 5.08mm (.200) pitch and Eurostyle Series 39990, 5.00mm (.197) pitch products, this low profile system – 39484 tin-plated plugs and 39485 tin-plated PCB headers -- performs exactly the same as its larger relatives but takes up less space on the board.

“With today’s trend towards miniaturisation, this system allows engineers to use up to 12 AWG wire to bring 10.0A of current directly to the board with a smaller pitch, and it takes up less space,” said Dan Nigro, Terminal Blocks Product Manager at Molex. “The design of our plugs and headers includes a polarising feature preventing mismating and also provides an audible click when fully mated.”

The unique positive-locking design requires a screwdriver to unmate the plug from the header, ensuring a secure connection in vibration-prone environments and reduces the overall space required on the board by eliminating the need for traditional mounting ends. The Molex 4.00mm pitch terminal block system can be applied to a wide range of industrial applications for instrumentation, sensors and transmitters, process control and automation, and network interface devices, as well as high-end security and building controls.

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