ERNI Electronics Launches New Dual-Row SMT Connector Family with 0.8mm Pitch

14th October 2011
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ERNI Electronics today introduced a new fine pitch connector family leveraging from its huge expertise with miniaturized SMT connectors. The dual-row MicroCon series with 0.8mm pitch is ideal for various demanding applications in the industrial, medical, lighting, automotive and consumer market. Due to the small dimensions - the 50-pin male connectors show dimensions of only 24.2mm x 4.7mm with different heights - robustness was crucial during the development.
The male connectors are provided with reinforced side walls. Secure mating is ensured by coding and blind mate guide alignments, providing an increased locking range. A unique feature for this miniaturized device size is the double-sided spring contact. The reliable and high quality spring contacts are based on a proven and patented principle, which ERNI Electronics has been continuously scaled down for smaller dimensions.

“Space and cost savings without limitations on contact reliability are the main criteria for modern system assembly. High performance fine pitch connectors in SMT technology fulfill these demands,” stated Michael Singer, Head of Marketing at ERNI Electronics. “With our powerful product portfolio in the range of 0.8mm to 2.5mm pitch ERNI Electronics addresses a broad variety of applications. The introduction of the new MicroCon family is a complementary extension to our popular and industry leading 1.27mm SMC family and the MicroStac family with a unique hermaphroditic design and 0.8mm pitch.”

To support various PCB applications parallel (Mezzanine), orthogonal (90 °) and coplanar configurations are available. With different heights for the male and female connectors Board-to-Board distances from 5mm to 20mm can be realized for Mezzanine applications. Despite the miniaturization the new connectors offer a high mating tolerance with allowed misalignment tolerances of longitudinal and transverse axes of ± 0.7mm. The allowed angular inclination tolerance is specified with ± 4 degree.

Some connector manufacturers mate the male connectors on the rough stamped side of the female “tulip”. Due to the raw surface the current capacity and the mating cycles are limited. During the stamping process ERNI twists the tulip by 90 degrees. This provides a secure insertion of the male contact on the smooth rolled surface of the female tulip, providing high mating reliability and current capacity. This stamping process is demanding in such a small pitch, but ERNI has optimized this process through years of stamping technology experience.

In addition, IDC ribbon cable connections will be provided to enable interconnections over longer distances. The IDC female connectors provide interlocking with snap-on feature and support AWG 34. The cable pitch is 0.4mm based on the 2-row connector configuration. The female cable connector and the male connector provide a vibration resistant mating.

The new connectors are ideal for automated STM assembling. The robust plastic housing of the female connector withstands high temperature and is suitable for lead free reflow soldering. Tape-and-reel packaging supports automatic assembly. The cable connector system will only be offered in 100% tested assemblies.
The robust Class 1 connectors are specified for > 500 mating cycles while the current capacity per contact is up to 0.5A at 20°C.

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