Micro-connectors suit space-restricted designs

4th May 2021
Mick Elliott

Cable assemblies from GradConn are available with I-PEX MHF 5L micro-connectors. The assemblies are in stock at Digi-Key Electronics.

Digi-Key says that MHF 5L is a great option when paired with GradConn's SMA connector range, creating cable assemblies that provide solutions for the latest wireless technology. There are also Nautilus SMA to MHF 5L assembly options to take full advantage of the IP67 and IP68 rated capabilities, perfect for products in IoT and harsh environment applications.

MHF 5L is a micro wire-to-PCB coaxial connector with a mated height of 1.3 mm. It is one of the smallest connectors in the I-PEX MHF range and is becoming a connector specified in many designs today.

The MHF 5L connector is combined with four different SMA connector variants from GradConn, a straight jack rear-mount in standard and reverse polarity, and with or without IP67 and IP68 rated sealing.

SMA connectors allow bulkhead mounting and the Nautilus versions are a great choice for applications where dust and waterproofing are required.

The GradConn cable assemblies listed below use a 1.13 mm diameter cable for better compatibility with the SMA interface; I-PEX also offers versions of MHF 5L with a 0.8 mm cable.

The MHF 5L plug itself has a unique selectively plated shell with the ground contact area made of gold, while the remaining shell is nickel-plated to give the ideal performance benefits of gold precisely where it is needed but with the cost benefits of nickel.

The centre contact is also gold-plated to maintain a 20 mΩ maximum contact resistance.

There are four cable assemblies available from GradConn with an SMA to I-PEX MHF 5L micro-connector configuration, two of which are from the GradConn's Nautilus Waterproof range:

  • Cable 429: I-PEX MHF 5L to IP67 IP68 SMA straight jack rear-mount, 6 GHz
  • Cable 430: I-PEX MHF 5L to IP67 IP68 RP SMA straight jack reverse-polarity rear-mount
  • Cable 431: I-PEX MHF 5L to SMA straight jack rear-mount, 6 GHz
  • Cable 432: I-PEX MHF 5L to RP SMA straight jack reverse-polarity rear-mount, 6 GHz

Applications include 5G, IoT, portable devices, sensors, instrumentation, wireless modules, GSM modules and antenna configurations

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