LMF Circular Connectors from Weald Can Handle Harsh Environments

10th July 2012
ES Admin
A family of multi-contact circular connectors has been unveiled by Weald. Suitable for use in exposed environments, LMF Series connectors are available in a range of shell styles and shell sizes and can be supplied with options including thermocouple contacts and full 360ºC EMC screen termination.
For lightweight use, LMF connectors come housed in aluminium shells with fine thread couplings while, for more heavy duty requirements, they come in brass shells with a coarse thread. Both types are IP67 rated. Weald Electronics can also supply bulkhead style LMF connectors

As standard, LMF connectors are rated from 5 to 60A and can be supplied with 1 to 25 solder contacts for DC and low-frequency applications. Operating temperature range is from –40ºC to +85ºC.

In addition, the connectors can be produced with a variety of plating options including RoHS compliant finishes and a clean finish brass version commonly used in the nuclear, petrochemical and mining industry.

The LMF Series is exclusively available through Weald’s sole Worldwide distributor Lane Electronics

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