JMX plastic push-pull connectors attract attention at Compamed-Medica

1st March 2018
Anna Flockett

The all-new series of JMX plastic medical connectors were presented by Souriau, at its stand at Compamed. Compamed brings together suppliers of hospital and electronic equipment designed for medical devices used in patient environments. Medica is dedicated to surgical and patient care equipment. Together, both trade shows make up the world´s largest annual medical technology event.

SOURIAU´s first time at Compamed
For its first time as an exhibitor at Compamed, SOURIAU chose to put the spotlight on its ranges of push-pull connectors for medical applications. The company already offers JDX and JBX metal versions, which are suited to applications that require shielding integrity. Its new JMX plastic series, however, got many attendees buzzing about its special design, which marks a change from your typical medical connector.

But the connector´s design was not the only thing that drew attendee´s attention. They were also impressed to find out that the JMX plastic series is water-resistant (IP68 or IP50), sterilisable, ergonomic, biocompatible, and has a large number of mating cycles. Visitors to SOURIAU´s stand also learned about or refamiliarised themselves with the company´s other products, such as Trim-Trio, a range which offers a wide variety of circular and rectangular connectors made of plastic, metal, and metal-plastic bi-material.

Connections that paid off
SOURIAU is recognised as a premier designer and manufacturer of interconnect solutions for harsh environments and the fact that it applied its expertise to develop a new series of plastic connectors specifically for the medical field really got attendees´ attention. This paid off, because SOURIAU was able to gain a foothold in the medical market and make contacts with engineers primarily from Europe, but also from the US and Asia. They were really interested in incorporating the JMX in their new designs as well as retrofits. SOURIAU´s engineers present at its stand pointed out that the JMX is already used on new operating-room monitoring systems and mobile dialysis machines manufactured in the US and that it will be included on forthcoming defibrillators and EKG equipment.

Connectors that are available around the globe
Service, distribution, and product availability are just a few of SOURIAU´s strengths. The fact that its JMX connectors are available throughout its international distribution network is reassuring for customers who are looking for flexibility of choice and fast delivery. SOURIAU also offers overmolded cords to provide customers with sealed, non-detachable assemblies.

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