Ionex 6-Pin USB Type-C charging only connectors by GCT

24th February 2021
Alex Lynn

Ionex hs announced that it now offers USB Type-C connectors for charging applications. USB4125 and USB4130 are the latest additions to the range and feature a six-contact configuration, making them GCT's most cost-effective solution to date with a Type-C interface. The USB4130 is also a vertical product, one of many USB innovations that GCT has introduced to the market.

GCT’s vision is to create opportunities for engineers to use Type-C format connectors in cost-conscious product designs where previously, pricing was prohibitive compared to Micro USB.

USB4125 and USB4130 are horizontal and vertical mount connectors respectively, fully reversible and compatible with all USB Type-C cables, and are suited for customers looking to adopt the most current USB Type-C interface but only require charging functionality.

Featuring six SMT contacts and rated at 3A, both parts feature four through-hole shell stakes and are supplied in tape and reel packaging.

“We are embarking on an exciting new frontier with ionex Type-C, developing connectors that have a sole purpose of delivering power only,” said Paul Hulatt, GCT Product Manager. “Combined with all the benefits of the Type-C interface, USB4125 and USB4130 achieve industry leading price-points, making it an easy choice over Micro USB for future charge only designs.”

The USB4125 and USB4130 are available through GCT’s global distribution network, including Digi-Key Electronics for immediate shipping.

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