In Defence Of Tight Space Connectivity

3rd August 2012
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Making new connections on the high reliability scene, Hypertac has unleashed two new space saving connector solutions. With a new high density product platform, Hypertac’s new spring loaded micro-miniature, low profile interposers extend its range, integrating spring loaded contacts and enabling one PCB to be quickly and efficiently connected to another directly above it. The company has also added to its portfolio increased density connectors for harsh environments, with a particularly low profile for space-constrained applications.
Spring loaded MLPI series micro-miniature, low profile interposers are designed for demanding applications where space and height are limited but high performance is essential, in particular board to board stacking connections in defence electronics. They come in 30, 60, 90 and 120 way versions, 1mm pitch as. And as well as 4mm and 6mm board to board height options, these high density connectors save even more board space by not requiring any mating counterpart.

Mixed signal handling

MLPI interposers are heralded as the only standard platform available that can fully support mixed signal for dc, RF and digital signal transmission in a single package, simultaneously too if required, making them adaptable to any application requiring high reliability performance and signal integrity.

This connector solution is designed for surface mounting on one side. Then by simply bringing two boards together and compressing the spring contacts, to make the connection, the interposer enables an array of signals to be connected. The mating circuit board only requires gold plated pad terminations aligned to the interposer to make the connection, simplifying board design and construction, as well as minimising assembly and system costs.


Hypertac can also readily deliver customised MPLI versions with different pitches, pin counts, according to requirements, whilst ensuring high performance. Custom designs with different materials and machined insulators can also be easily implemented, including special patterns for high speed connection.

MPLI designs boast no appreciable contact resistance degradation under highly accelerated lifetime testing, low electrical contact resistance variation under extreme shock and vibration, and Mil-DTL-55302 qualification.

Easy defence connection

Low profile, high density HDLP rectangular board to board connectors from Hypertac are for space constrained applications where low mating force, a high number of mating cycles, low and stable contact resistance and exceptional fretting corrosion resistance are essential. The series is deemed particularly suitable for environments subject to high levels of shock and vibration, for example in missile guidance and propulsion systems, ruggedised computer systems, camera or display applications, and communications panels and enclosures.

HDLP is available with surface mounting or plated through-hole terminations. Surface mounting HDLP connectors are designed for easy automated pick&place assembly, reducing production costs. Both types are designed to reduce board occupation in making high volume data connection for up to 118 contacts. Standard HDLP connector configurations come in 30, 58, 90 and 118 way versions.

HDLP connectors are just 56.5mm long, with single and double height options available for board to board separation of just 7.5mm or 12mm. An interfacial seal and encapsulated contacts deliver a high sealing capability, with optional conformal coating available to provide further environmental integrity.

HDLP series is built around Hypertac’s high reliability Hyperboloid contact solution that reduces contact resistance for low force mating and unmating. The connectors are resilient even under high levels of shock and vibration, and are specified to withstand over 2000 mating cycles. Thus thorough system testing can be carried out without connector degradation.

The connectors enable fast and reliable system maintenance whilst helping to lower overall cost of ownership. The hyperboloid contacts handle up to 1A at 110Vdc for each 0.4mm diameter contact, allowing higher density interconnection, says Hypertac, than with alternative systems. A polarised reinforced thermoplastic insulator provides contact protection and eliminates the potential damage from accidental mis-mating.


Reliable connectivity

Hypertac, part of Smiths Interconnect, is expert in the rapid development of innovative interconnection solutions for military, aerospace, industrial, mass transit, test & measurement and medical electronics markets. Its portfolio ranges from printed circuit board connectors, to modular, rectangular, filtered Arinc and circular connectors. For its designs, it boasts outstanding performance through the use of its Hyperboloid contact system.

Hyperboloid contact design is said to satisfy even the most demanding performance requirements. The shape of the contact sleeve is formed by a hyperbolic arrangement of the contact wires that align themselves elastically as contact lines around the mating pin. The result is a number of linear contact paths.

Inherent electrical and mechanical characteristics of Hyperboloid contacts boast unrivalled performance in terms of 10,00 mating cycles or more, shock and vibration immunity, low insertion and extraction forces, low contact resistance and high current ratings.

According to the company Hyperboloid contacts can lower the cost of ownership as they do not need to be replaced during the life of the equipment they are used in. They also reduce system costs by making equipment design less critical, whilst also reducing qualification costs, with no re-testing necessary due to contact failure.

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