Hirose adds In-line Jack version to ix industrial series

22nd November 2022
Kiera Sowery

Hirose Electric has expanded its popular ix Industrial connector series to include an in-line jack version. Supporting CAT5e (1Gbps) and CAT6A (10Gbps) cabling, the new ix40G in-line jack variation addresses market needs for simpler, space-reducing wiring of equipment across longer distances.

In addition to in-line connection, the ix Industrial in-line jack supports panel mounting for ease of use as an interface.  

Specified as a new standard interface connector for Ethernet applications by PROFINET (Process Field Network), the ix Industrial I/O connector series features an optimised EMI/ESD shielding design for safe and secure data transmission up to 10Gbps. Offering wiring flexibility, the ix Industrial in-line jack connector is well suited for traditional and high-speed data transmission applications. 

The ix Industrial series reduces functional space by up to 75% and footprint by two-thirds compared to RJ45 solutions. The ix Industrial in-line jack connector accommodates two panel thicknesses of 1.5mm and 2.0mm. With an innovative design that is ideal for daisy-chaining applications, the space-saving ix Industrial Series connector can facilitate a significant size reduction of industrial equipment such as machine vision modules. 

“Using the ix40G Industrial in-line jack connector, manufacturers of PROFINET-compliant devices can create smaller, more compact end devices while simplifying the mounting and wiring of equipment,” said Mark Kojak, Sr. VP of Sales and Operations for Hirose Electric USA. “In addition to miniaturisation, the rugged ix Series combines high-speed performance with high reliability and design flexibility to meet modern application demands.”

The ix Industrial series is compliant with the standard IEC 61076-3-124. The receptacles and plugs are offered with two keying code options, differentiating Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3 from other applications.

There are three receptacle types available within the variations: 

  • Upright right-angle type can be mounted in parallel with a pitch distance of only 10mm to save space 
  • Vertical type allows the mating plug to be mated from the top giving design flexibility 
  • Horizontal right-angle type is designed with a height of 5.7mm, less than half the height of Hirose’s RJ45 connector. This version is ideal for use in devices where space is limited in height direction and can also be used for thin-type control panels and FA control equipment. 

The receptacle shell is mounted on the board via through-hole solder legs to enhance the retention to the board and to resist the wrenching of the cable assembly, protecting the surface-mount contacts.  

The plugs are available in IDC and solder type. The wire-termination unit and cable clamp are integrated into a continuous metal shell to provide excellent EMC performance in addition to preventing the connecting part of the cable assembly from being affected by the load on the cable. 

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