High performance crimp connection system

9th September 2019
Staff Reporter

A mass termination crimp connector system that will find wide application where fast and highly reliable flat cable and flexible circuit connections are required has been made available by Lane Electronics. Called CRIMPFLEX and produced by Nicomatic, the connector system comprises housings and related mating-halves, contacts, discrete wire to flat connection options and crimping equipment.

Nicomatic’s CRIMPFLEX has been designed to guarantee excellent mechanical retention and electrical contact. The crimping of the contact is achieved by piercing the conductor at six points – two points achieve mechanical retention and electrical contact is by four points with reduced contact resistance. CRIMPFLEX connectors can pierce all kinds of supports including polyester, FR4, PTFE and polyimide and can withstand voltages up to 1100V rms.

The contacts are available in two standard pitch sizes, 1.27mm & 2.54mm, in male, male solder tab and female versions to meet all market needs. Female contacts are selective gold or tin plated. Maximum continuous current rating per contact is 5A (AC) or 3A (DC).

According to Lane Electronics, CRIMPFLEX is compatible with all types of flexible circuits with thicknesses that range from 75µ to 350µ (0.003 to 0.014in) and is designed to terminate all contacts in a single press stroke. This is said to save time as well as ensuring an accurate and reliable connection.

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