High current connectors designed with optimised safety functions

25th June 2018
Lanna Cooper

Stäubli Electrical Connectors is launching the 16BL single pole, high current connector, which has been specially designed with optimised safety functions and increased flexibility for (emergency) power supplies and industrial applications. The 16BL allows safe, intuitive use and reliable power transmission under extreme environmental conditions, even in a temperature range from -40°C to +120°C.

Building on the popular 16BV series, the new range is rated at up to 630A and is available in a simplified combination of one socket and three plug types. Rated at up to 1,000V and 5,000 mating cycles, it has increased ingress protection to IP65, IP68 and IP69, as well as salt-spray resistance.

The smaller number of component types makes it possible to achieve the same functionality with fewer combinations, which simplifies planning in the engineering phase and operator use in the field. It also reduces operating and storage costs.

Shorter in length than the 16BV, the 16BL has a new patented bayonet locking system with a 45° twist action and integrated safety locking mechanism. Cables are accepted with diameters from 70-240mm2, using crimp or reusable AxiClamp cable connections.

Providing IP2X touch protection when disconnected, it has double class II insulation. Other safety features include 12 colour visual coding for faster identification and compatibility with local wiring colour codes, and seven mechanical coding settings to prevent misconnection.

A low insertion force is ensured by the use of MULTILAM technology, a proprietary contact system from Stäubli that uses torsion spring contact elements to produce multiple contact points and ensure high reliability and low contact resistance.

Conforming to IEC, DIN EN and UL standards, the connectors' reliability makes them ideal for use by electricity network operators and generator set manufacturers. They are also suitable for industrial applications as well as in the stage equipment and events sector.

Accessories include a space saving 45° angled adapter that reduces the mechanical stress on the connector and makes it easier to connect, especially when using large diameter cables. A microswitch integrated into the flush-mounted socket indicates when the connector is plugged in and can be integrated into a safety circuit for machine enabling, in accordance with IEC 61984.

Existing systems using the older 16BV connectors can be retrofitted with minimal time and effort.

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