Hermetic feedthroughs withstands high pressure

10th June 2019
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that LASER COMPONENTS offers a range of hermetic feedthroughs which can be compared to a standard coupling part between two connectors. They are built with an internal fibre rod identical to the fibre used upstream and downstream for perfect matching to the optical characteristics of the line.

With these feedthroughs it is possible to get optical signals inside vacuum and pressure chambers. The parts can withstand pressures of up to 1000 bar and a vacuum with up to ten to eight Torr. LASER COMPONENTS offer a range of solutions to match optical fibres from 200 to 1,000um with different core sizes, connectors (FC/PC, FC/APC or SMA) and application requirements.

For HV and UHV applications, we offer a brazed solution with metal coated optical fibres that can withstand high temperatures. By using the same brazing technique for the connectors at the ends of the optical fibres, the complete assembly can be heated to bake out temperatures (typically over 200°C). This solution can also suit high power lasers which can be mounted on a KF or CF flange.

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