Hawke to host event on cable gland compound pots

27th November 2020
Alex Lynn

Hawke International has announced that it is hosting a live, interactive, online Q&A on cable gland compound pots. The 45-minute session, to be held at 3pm (GMT) on Tuesday 1st December, will be led by a panel of experts from Hawke International, who will discuss the limitations of using cable glands with metallic compound pots, and the benefits delivered by transparent, non-metallic alternatives.

Historically, all compound pots have been made with metallic components. This has presented problems with inspecting glands, as metallic pots first need to be cut open and destroyed, and then remade with a new gland. Metallic pots also present safety concerns. If the clearance between a metallic pot and a gland is too large due to machining tolerances, there is a serious risk of ignition.

Hawke International’s event is a learning platform for engineers and site managers who want to streamline their cable gland strategy. The session will cover the shift in industry thinking when it comes to compound pots, highlighting that metallic components are not the only option, or even the most suitable.

Andrew Reid, Engineering Manager at Hawke International, explained: “The feedback we have received from customers and prospective customers is that they would like to understand more about our clear, non-metallic compound pots. With this in mind, our session will explore how world-leading technology has enabled them to deliver all sorts of benefits, addressing the pain points that come with using metallic pots.” 

Hawke International wants to address the most pressing questions that people have on the subject of cable glands and compound pots, and its team of experts will answer all posed as part of the live event.


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