Full-metal hoods now available in nickel-plated design

11th December 2013
Staff Reporter

The PROVERTHA full-metal hoods are now available to designers in a nickel-plated design. Designed for numerous cable exit varieties for diverse applications in equipment racks and cabinets, the full-metal hoods offer various locking systems, some of them patented, and different shielding solutions. Qualifying PROVERTHA’s solutions for a wide range of applications, the hood portfolio also provides versatile cable exit options.

Resulting in simple and easy assembly, the full-metal hoods comprise a minimum of individual parts. Mechanically robust and deliverable on short notice, the D-sub full-metal hoods provide 360° RF shielding applied to high EMI/RFI requirements. The hood portfolio also contains axial, compact, and special full-metal hoods with two cable exits. Adapter cases complete the comprehensive offering.

Allowing for fast and simple attachment, different fastening options are available such as screw, slide or clip locking. The Quick-Lock system enables a particularly fast and convenient fixing, whilst there is also manifold options for the cable assembly: 180°, 90° and 45°, as well as one, two or three cable exits, e.g. for field bus applications.

Coming with 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange system, the D-sub full-metal hoods offer a torsion-free and vibration-resistant cable strain relief with permanent low-ohmic 360° shielding, accommodating cable diameters from 3.7 to 15.7 mm. Available are versions with external or internal cable clamp.


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