FPC/FFC connector offers increased retention force

26th February 2021
Alex Lynn

Hirose has launched a back flip FPC/FCC connector with increased retention force. The high FPC/FFC retention force in addition to the back flip design makes the FH34D Series suited for curved routing of FPC/FFC.

Featuring a simple, actuator lock with an easy two-step operation, the FH34D Series has a high FPC retention force of 7.8N for the top contacts, and 14.5N on the bottom contacts. This is 3.6 times higher than competitive FFC/FPC connectors with a retention force of 4.0N. By accepting FPC/FFC in both the top and bottom contacts, the FH34 Series offers design flexibility by increasing FPC layout options. The FH34D Series combines the high retention force with smooth FPC/FFC insertion via a tapered housing opening.

The space-saving FH34D Series has a 0.5mm pitch, 1.0mm height, and a required mounting depth of only 3.2mm. Designed to support USB 3.2 Gen 2, PCIe Gen 3, ePD 1.3 and MIPI D-PHY 1.1, the FH34D Series is designed for consumer, medical, point-of-sale and other portable electronic applications.

The FPC connector is designed for automated pick-and-place assembly processes to simplify the manufacturing/assembly process.

"The FH34D Series FPC connector utilises an advanced locking mechanism to securely hold the FPC tab in place, making it ideal for portable electronics that require curved routing of the FPC/FFC. Curved routing is commonly used for LED backlight connections in portable electronics," said Mark Kojak, VP of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

The FH34D Series connector is available in a wide range of positions, from four to 50. The connector has a rated current of 0.5A, a rated voltage of 50V AC/DC, and a contact resistance of 100milliohms max.

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