Fibre optic modules provide Fast Ethernet links in industrial environments

26th July 2007
ES Admin
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has expanded its TOSLINK family of fibre optic devices with new high-speed modules designed for Fast Ethernet fibre networks. The new duplex transceiver and simplex transmitter and receiver modules are ideal for motion control systems and other applications requiring Fast Ethernet links in industrial environments.
Toshiba’s TODX2701 transceiver module comes with a PN (JIS F07) connector and enables bi-directional Fast Ethernet transmission over APF (all plastic fibre) or GI-PCF (graded index plastic clad silica fibre) links with respective transmission distances of up to 20m and 100m. Within this family uni-directional transmission can be realized with the individual transmitter (TOTX1701) and receiver (TORX1701).

Additionally available are the TOTX1400 simplex transmitter and TORX1400 simplex receiver which are equipped with a more robust SMA connector and provide uni-directional Fast Ethernet transmission over APF links with distances up to 50m.

On the transmitter side the modules utilize a driver IC and a 650nm LED while on the receiver side a single photoreceiver IC is used. All devices offer data rates from 20Mbps to 125Mbps, feature a PECL interface for ease of connection with peripheral circuits, and will operate from a nominal 3.3V power supply.

Operating temperature ranges of -10°C to 70°C for the TODX2701 and -40°C to 85°C for the TOTX/RX1400 make these modules ideal for industrial environments.

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