Ethernet connectors deliver space and weight savings

17th September 2020
Mick Elliott

Game-changing T1 single pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors from HARTING are in stock at distributor RS Components.

Compliant with the newly established IEC 63171-6 industry standard, the Tw1ster connector series fully addresses the needs within modern industrial settings for more compact, lightweight cabling.

Through these cutting-edge interconnect components, both data and power can be simultaneously transported, thereby reducing the cost and engineering effort involved in implementing industrial network infrastructure.

Tw1ster connectors support 1Gbps data rates. Covering a 1000m transmission range, they have Power-over-Data Line (PoDL) capabilities, providing up to 50W power. With the highest degrees of robustness being featured, they have a -40°C to +85°C operational temperature range and can cope with over 1000 mating cycles.

Among the many potential uses for these components are factory automation and process control systems, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and robotics, allowing communication from field-level device connection to the cloud without interruption or protocol-change. 

“Providing our customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end industrial control and automation solutions is paramount as we move into the Industry 4.0 era,” Said Kristian Olsson, Vice President of Automation & Control at RS Components. “By partnering with technology-driving manufacturers like HARTING, we are helping to facilitate the roll-out of advanced industrial systems that will utilise less space and reduce overall complexity, while boosting productivity levels, raising operational efficiencies and ensuring greater safety too.” 

The T1 single pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors from HARTING are shipping now from the RS in the EMEA region.

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