Enabling direct connection between laptop and TV

4th January 2017
Alice Matthews


Cypress Semiconductor has announced what it claims to be the world’s first complete solution for USB-C to native HDMI connections without adapters or converters. 

Based on Cypress EZ-PD USB-C controllers, the solution allows next-gen laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other HDMI-enabled sources with USB-C connectors to connect directly to HDMI-enabled displays, including HD and 4K televisions, using only a simple USB-C to HDMI cable.

The EZ-PD controllers all now support HDMI Alternate Mode for USB Type-C, along with USB Type-C standard support for audio, video and data protocols, as well as USB Power Delivery (PD) for fast charging.

All HD and 4K televisions include HDMI connections, but connecting non-HDMI-enabled source devices requires adapters or converters that do not enable all native HDMI features. With the Cypress HDMI Alternate Mode solution, source device manufacturers can now utilize native HDMI features via USB Type-C connectors. Cypress is demonstrating its HDMI Alternate Mode for USB-C solution in conjunction with Panasonic in the HDMI Licensing Administrator, booth number 20930 at CES from 5th-8th January in South Hall 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. 

“At Panasonic, we viewed the versatility of USB-C as an opportunity to expand the connectivity of our HDMI-enabled displays, and we worked closely with Cypress and their USB-C experts to support HDMI Alt Mode,” said Naoshi Usuki, R&D Director, Panasonic. “Our demonstration at CES will show the many benefits consumers will experience as we bring these two popular connectivity standards together.”

“Our HDMI alt mode solution adds to Cypress’ track record of industry firsts for USB-C and power delivery, thanks to the programmability of our EZ-PD controllers and years of USB know-how,” said Ajay Srikrishna, Vice President of the Wired Connectivity Business Unit, Cypress. “After collaborating with Panasonic to support the HDMI Alternate Mode, we moved quickly to develop our solution and demonstrate it in time for CES.”

“The HDMI Alt Mode for USB-C will result in more smartphones, tablets and laptops incorporating HDMI audio and video technology over the USB-C connector, which will in turn help add to the nearly six billion HDMI devices that have shipped worldwide,” said Rob Tobias, President, HDMI Licensing Administrator. “We are pleased that Cypress has swiftly brought their HDMI Alt Mode solution to the market so developers can implement this user-friendly capability for consumers.”

Cypress’ EZ-PD CCG3 controller offers a level of integration that minimises bill-of-material costs and simplifies designs, replacing multiple discrete components with a single-chip solution. Cypress’s EZ-PD portfolio of USB-C controllers also includes CCG1, a programmable USB-C controller, CCG2, a programmable USB-C solution, and CCG4, a two-port USB-C solution. According to Renesas, the EZ-PD portfolio was the first to support the latest USB PD 3.0 specification, which enables more robust end-to-end power delivery and charging solutions for laptop and mobile devices.

The USB Type-C standard is gaining rapid support with top-tier electronics manufacturers by enabling slim industrial designs, easy-to-use connectors and cables, and the ability to transmit multiple protocols and deliver up to 100W of power. The USB Type-C standard’s 2.4mm-high connector plug is significantly smaller than the current 4.5-mm USB Standard-A connector.

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