Stripping tool speeds up cable processing

3rd December 2014
Mick Elliott

Conrad Business Supplies has added a tool that strips halogen-free insulation materials, UL or similar cables, and even cables with hard or smooth insulation. The Weidmüller stripax ULtimate stripping tool allows users to work with increasingly complex wire insulation which has been introduced for application specific cabling, for cost efficiency and to improve safety standards

Halogen-free cable materials are now mandatory in many areas because they don't produce corrosive or toxic gases if there is a fire.

The stripax ULtimate is not only ideal for wiring cabinet use but also in such applications as machine construction, plant manufacture, rail traffic, wind power generation, robotics, explosion protection, marine, offshore or shipbuilding.

The versatility of the stripax ULtimate is down to an innovative set of automatic, self-adjusting blades that deliver three-stage partial stripping. This means they can manage copper wire cables up to 6mm2 and stranded and solid conductors from 0.14mm2 to 4mm2 – with a stripping length of up to 25mm.

Jürgen Spörl, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies at Conrad, said: "Quite rightly, the quality of cabling is being improved all the time and it is important to have a stripping tool that keeps up with the very latest advances. This easy-to-use yet highly efficient tool simplifies stripping of some of the most complex insulation in the market and we are delighted to add it to the range of top quality tools we have on offer from Weidmüller."

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