Cable assembly production expanded by LEMO

27th April 2017
Lanna Cooper


To meet the growing demand for 'plug-and-play' interconnect solutions, LEMO has announced a 50% expansion of its UK cable assembly service. This significant investment is part of an initiative the company has undertaken to support the growing manufacturing trend for OEM’s to outsource their non-core connector termination activities.

As part of this expansion, the company has increased its manufacturing capacity and the supporting services behind it. These services not only include a larger applications and design engineering team, but also a fully resourced production support team to ensure service levels are maintained at leading industry levels.

LEMO’s aim is to provide its UK customers with increased value by means of offering them a complete cable design and manufacturing service. The objective of this service is to provide customers with bespoke engineered solutions, tailored to specific system requirements and optimised for both performance and manufacturing from the outset. This approach ensures that product costs along with assembly and project lead-times are minimised, without the need for compromises in either performance or quality. As part of offering this complete service, LEMO can offer its customers access to a knowledgeable cross-functional team who have gained over 250 years of experience working in the interconnect industry.

All cable assemblies produced by LEMO are manufactured to exacting quality standards, using highly developed processes and specialist equipment. Furthermore, as part of the quality control process, each and every cable assembly manufactured will undergo an automated 100% electrical validation test to ensure compliance to specification limits. This manufacturing approach gives customers 'peace of mind', knowing that every product supplied by LEMO is of a consistent high quality.   

With LEMO’s manufacturing facility being one of the Group’s leading fibre optic termination sites, assembly technicians are trained to terminate both copper and fibre optic contacts to the highest standards. All technicians are certified to terminate SMPTE hybrid camera cables supplied with the broadcast industry standard LEMO 3K-93C connectors. This cross training ensures that the company has the skills and resources required to manage the largest of projects involving both copper and fibre or a combination of the two.  

Furthermore, LEMO can also offer its customers an 'in-house' bespoke cable manufacturing service through its sister company, Northwire. Typical end markets for the cable assemblies produced by LEMO include, but are not limited to: broadcast, medical, motor sport, defence, test and measurement and nuclear.

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