Cable and cord sets suit industrial Ethernet applications

3rd February 2014
Nat Bowers

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, Belden has introduced the exceptionally robust DataTuff Industrial Ethernet cable and connectivity range. Suitable for use in harsh and/or extreme environments, the industrial grade cable and cord sets guarantee the highest levels of reliability, quality and performance.

The Belden DataTuff portfolio covers all areas of the industrial environment: it is suitable for use in the cabinet through the telecommunications room to the factory floor, and on the actual machine. The cable range is available in a variety of options: specifiers can choose from products suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for use underground, and for other harsh conditions; cordsets are available with RJ45 and M12 connectors, and IP20, IP67 and IP68 protection; the cabling meets all data rate requirements, ranging from 100Mb/s, through 1Gb/s, to 10Gb/s; options include Cat 7 and Cat 5e, with PVC, FRNC, TPE and PUR jackets, shielded or unshielded, twisted pair and bonded pair; and other choices include solid conductor, cabinet style cabling, and highly flexible trailing cables with resistance for more than 2 million cycles, or torsion cables which withstand up to 10 million cycles.

One key feature of the DataTuff range is the Belden patented Bonded-Pair technology. For specific applications where the cable is pulled, twisted and stepped on during and after installation, the Bonded Pair technology keeps a continuously uniform centricity, ie conductor-to-conductor spacing, offering excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance.

In order to help industiral Ethernet network designers and specifiers navigate the vast DataTuff portfolio, Belden has introduced a Cable Selector Guide. Following five key decision points, the customer arrives at a part number which meets the particular requirements of the specific application.

Loredana Coscotin, Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Cable, Belden EMEA, comments: “Rugged conditions call for ruggedized cables. There is a significant difference between standard Ethernet cables and cables designed for industrial use. They are tough enough to withstand the hazards and risks they are exposed to day after day. Only industrial Ethernet cable and connectivity solutions can really ensure the highest level of reliability, quality and performance at all times. It is for this reason that Belden offers a range of DataTuff cables, specifically created for manufacturing environments, with in-design, tested performance. Although our DataTuff range was designed for harsh environments, these products are suitable for all industrial applications. Investing in a high-quality, rugged Ethernet infrastructure is always a wise business decision - one that can provide tremendous peace of mind for network engineers, administrators and the organisations they serve.”

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