Blind mate connector line for rack-mounted liquid cooling

19th July 2021
Alex Lynn

CPC (Colder Products Company) has expanded its Everis BLQ4 Blind Mate connector QD Series with seven new standard products featuring SAE and G-thread termination options. These terminations offer customers in Asia Pacific and Europe compatible standard solutions for liquid cooling applications that call for 1/4″ flow and a Cv of ~1.3.  

Like existing products in the series, the new terminations on the Everis BLQ4 QD coupling line enable integration into liquid cooling systems using a mounted configuration or rack and panel design such as found in EV charging or high-performance computing. The chamfer profile and connection tolerances are ideal for applications where operators have obstructed views to connections and disconnections yet still require connection assurance.  

“Given the data center efficiency guidelines and expected exponential growth of electric vehicles, the expansion of the Everis BLQ4 QD line to include termination options that are standard in Europe and in Asia was a no-brainer,” said Blake Harris, Product Manager, CPC thermal management. “Previously, many of these products were available to design engineers as custom products. However, our decision to add these as standards to the Everis BLQ4 Series ensures our global customers can get the supply they need in a timelier fashion.”  

Made of chrome-plated brass, these robust connectors feature the same patent-pending valve configuration of CPC’s existing Everis LQ and BLQ lines.

Harris added, “Solid construction for reliability is what the Everis brand is all about. These new products in the BLQ4 Series of latchless quick disconnects offer the same performance as existing products in the line. We’ve just made it more convenient for customers to specify exactly what they need and get their parts expeditiously so they can succeed.”  

CPC’s non-spill quick disconnects are known for being robust and reliable. The new Everis BLQ4 blind mates with G-thread and SAE termination options are no different. The BLQ4 blind mate quick disconnect’s multi-lobed seals provide redundant protection against leakage and lasting shape retention during extended periods of connection. These seals also deliver greater sealing efficiency than standard O-rings while requiring less force to connect – particularly important if there are multiple blind mate connectors on a panel being connected.

Additionally, the Everis Series connector valve design has zero seal friction in the connected state, which helps to make sure that valves close quickly and reliably when the coupling is disconnected. 

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