ATCA, AMC and µTCA connectors

28th April 2006
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In2Connect has introduced ept’s range of AMC connectors for use with the high-speed hot swappable ATCA and µTCA protocols.
The PICMG® Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) specification defines the base-level requirements for a wide-range of next generation, high-speed (up to 12.5 Gbps) mezzanine (or “secondary”) cards optimized for, but not limited to, AdvancedTCA® Carriers. This base specification defines the common elements for each implementation including mechanical, management, power, thermal, and interconnect. Subsidiary specifications will define the usage requirements for each interface implementation. Target interfaces include PCI Express, Advanced Switching, Serial Rapid IO, and Gigabit Ethernet.

AMC defines a modular add-on or “child” card that extends the functionality of a Carrier board. Often referred to as mezzanines, these cards are generally known as “AMC Modules” or “Modules”. AMC Modules lie parallel to and are integrated onto the Carrier board by plugging into an AMC Connector. Carrier boards may range from passive boards with minimal “intelligence” to high performance single board computers.

For the AdvancedTCA® Platform, ept offers the AMC connector in a rectangular B plus version to connect the AMC card with the carrier board.
For the new MicroTCA® platform ept developed a pressfit card edge connector in a straight version.
Both ept AMC-connectors are available from stock now and do not require anything other than the simple flat rock tool for installation.

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