A good fit saves extra space

2nd December 2015
Joe Bush

The range of Ultra-Fit power connectors from Molex has been introduced by RS Components. The connectors bring the reliable, easy mating advantages and space saving design of the Fit family into wire-to-board applications up to 14A for equipment such as white goods, automotive systems, industrial automation, medical technology, lighting and telecoms.

The new 3.5mm pitch Ultra-Fit connectors join the Fit portfolio alongside the Mega-Fit 5.7mm pitch series (rated up to 23A per circuit), the 4.2mm/13A Mini-Fit, and the 3mm/5A Micro-Fit. Featuring the Fit family split box terminal design with six points of contact, Ultra-Fit connectors have low insertion force allowing fast, fatigue-free productivity, and deliver long term reliability in the field. The connectors incorporate multiple features to ensure correct mating, and terminal position assurance (TPA) to prevent back-out.

Multiple mechanical keying options allow several sets of connectors to be used in the same assembly without fear of cross insertion. There are also colour coding options that provide clear guidance for assembly during production or maintenance in the field. The positive lock housing confirms mating with an audible click and prevents accidental disengagement. In addition, anti-snag design prevents wires becoming trapped and damaging the latch.

All header and receptacle terminals are fully isolated. In conjunction with the scoop-proof housing, this prevents damage during handling and mating. In addition to preventing terminal back-out by ensuring the terminal is fully seated in the housing, the TPA built into the new Ultra-Fit series and other Fit-family connectors also provides secondary protection against failure of the connector’s main retention mechanism.

RS is now stocking a range of Ultra-Fit connectors, crimp terminals and hand crimping tools.

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